Praiseworthy Efforts of Allegri in Juventus

At the looming of winter break, the transfer market is opened for business. It’s hard for Massimiliano Allegri to select suitable players for his team to face the challenge against Cagliari. The last competition of the day will be host; Juventus is used to drop concentration if there were other things on their mind. Cagliari perhaps is not the strongest rival to face at play-off before winter break; as the case showed by Bianconeri, they played against with each other. For they organized the match quickly and aggressively, the Sardinians would form a problem or two, and Atalanta was defeated last week with two quick goals.

A team intends to commit fouls and performs good in the air; the only thing Juventus need to do is to depend on experience and maturity to guarantee all three points to avoid falling behind at the top Serie A list. It’s not too difficult for Juventus to do. Actually, Juventus is becoming stronger as some challengers played matches under pressure. For instance, Inter Milan failing behind Fiorentina two points, excluding the absences and subpar performances for certain footballers.

I agree with the idea of Gianluigi Buffon that Allegri is underestimated as a manager of a football team. In the last year, many people were concerning about what would happen to a team that lost Leonardo Bonucci, Dani Alves and the Alex Sandro last year. After the department of the first two football players, the Bianconeri are unable to perform to his par levels, believing him unnecessary to a certain extent. For short of heart, desire, energy and professionalism, Brazil international football team has distinguished his heart and mind attaching to elsewhere after summer, where he was hoped to join in Chelsea. It is a reason why Beppe Marotta restated the policy of the club to footballers who wants to leave the club and reluctant to serve for Juventus; in order to keep theses excellent football players, there was no negotiations for Sandro at that time. The three words also indicated that the special negotiations may take place in short time.

In fact, Sandro is free to depart. The reason of Juventus’s success rests on they are united as a group, which conquered many difficulties and obstacles. In general, people and bossed all hope football players could make sacrifices to improve their abilities and act as a pundit. In the event that Sandro holds that he can realize many dreams while he has not made any contributions to the football team.

When Sandro’s performances on football fields was considered carefully, the mental obstructions Paulo Dybala fighting for, the decline of Stephan Lichtsteiner, the struggle to coordinate with new players, the efforts to keep all excellent professional footballers healthy at the same time all are huge problems for Juventus. Many people always take Serie A and Coppa Italia trophies for granted, but have not considered why there trophies are very easy for the special football club. In addition to efficient training strategy, it is the brilliance of Allegri that lead to successful stride.

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