Postponed Football Match between Juventus and Atalanta

For the sake of heavy snow on Sunday, a football game between Juventus and Atalanta has been canceled. At present, the present Italian champions are hosting football matches as schedule. But in the end, officials of declared the delay of the football match after the kick-off time. The delay causes a negative result to Juventus for the only opportunity being denied by the postponement. It is impossible for club Juventus to surpass the leader of Serie A – Napoli.

Juventus Need Better Formation

Most of persons have started to remove the shame against Tottenham Hotspur from their memory. Almost everything has been questioned, even strategies and mentality of footballers of Juventus are also questioned. However, the best way to get rid of this question and establish a brand new image for the club is to prove themselves on football pitch.

There is only one week for Juventus to prepare for the forthcoming football match against Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus have attach importance to beating Atalanta heart and soul. Before play with the Bergamo side of Serie A, two football clubs have to meet once again in midweek.

In spite of the outstanding performances on football fields, Atalanta are suffering from agony in Europe, in which they lost to Borussia Dortmund and knocked out of Europa League. It is estimated that Juventus will win at least one of two football matches against the football team of Bianconeri.

Before this time meet, two clubs Juventus and Atalanta have competed with each other to grab better places for European places. In the beginning, Juventus rush to a 2-0 lead, but they stand back as watching Atlanta side leveling scores. At that time, all footballers of Juventus already familiar with great reputation and need to win another football match.

Without the assistance of the competent football player Gonzalo Higuain, Juventus is very difficult to win better scores and places in various football matches. Gonzalo Higuain still could not return to football pitch for minor injury, causing him out of football games for a period of time. Mario Mandzukic would like to take a lead role. Coach Massimiliano Allegri would like to give more opportunities to Dybala as long as he recovered from his injury. In the event that Dybala could return to football pitch, the coach may put Alex Sandro forward, who will play the next three football matches.

In fact, the line up consists of Cost, Mandzukic and Dybala may benefit to Atalanta. Although three footballers are all talented and qualified, they have made little contributions for their team. The formation of Costa is ridiculous inconsistent. As one of most skillful football player putting on Juventus football kit, the young football players need to play football in a more decisive way.

Although he is good at controlling the football, overwhelming in football pitch and overcoming footballers who defend him closely, Costa intends to control the football tightly. I hope he can score more goals to inspire more people and create contributions to his team.

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