It is Impossible for Sami Khedira joining to MLS

Sami Khedira, the Midfielder of club Juventus, expressed he will not take transferring to Major League Soccer into consideration for more possibility to give in one of the Europe’s top leagues. In the contrast, the football player suggest that Emre Can should move to Juventus to look for more progress space for his football playing career.

Khedira, aged 30, has signed a several years contract with the Serie A, and the contract will be expired in 2019. He hopes the contract will not become the last professional contract in Europe while moving to MLS is not a big difference for himself.

At present, he is 30 and he believes that age is just a number rather than a symbol of his declining. It’s important to keep his body fit and know what he want. He keeps in a dynamic status and aspire to win any accolade and honor. He will make more contributions for Germany national football team and his club.

“Under this condition, he would like to compete in many matches in Europe, as a regular of one top European leagues. As regular of the best leagues in Italy, I enjoy the moments played with the excellent football team. I do not understand why people are always talking about moving to MLS.”

“In last year, I have participated 46 matches through the whole year, and the number of matches in last year may surpass total number of matches in my playing career. I also played many competitions this year. It will be a great risk for me to move to MLS while I would lost a great opportunity to play many years in Europe. I never declared that I will go to MLS in January and even in summer. I could tell you and promise you I will continue staying in Europe to play numerous football matches for my team.”

In the contrary to move to MLS, he would like to sign an extensive contract with the football club giant Juventus.

“I am very happy to play with Juventus”, he said, “For two-and-a-half years cooperation, it’s hard to change some strategy and ideas in short time.” There are some differences among Juventus, Madrid and Germany national football team.

So he would like to find opportunity to extend his contract for his happy football playing experience with Juventus and his great status of his body. He is very happy for the returning to top level in the football club. It’s an excellent opportunity for him. He said it’s possible for him and he believes that he can play with Juventus in the next season. He hopes he could cooperate with Germany teammate Can.

Liverpool midfielder Can resumes to contact with a free transfer to Turin in this summer, and Khedira says he is expected the arrival of Can with open arms.

“I understand him very well,” Khedira said, “Attribute to his immature skills and experience, there is a long way to go for me in football playing career.” If it was possible to sign Can for Juventus, he will agree on the proposal.

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