Controversial News on Football Fans in Juventus Football Shirt

On Boxing Day, football matches was played in an atmosphere of goodwill and harmony rather than fierce competition. Many footballers run in pitches in Juventus football shirt. Serie A and their reputation witnessed serious bruise and embarrassing inspection. Thus, ripple effects have been triggered after one incident factor.

The forthcoming winter break will begin after fixtures on Saturday when rough condition of football field shall be cooled down. When Inter Milan clashed with Napoli at the San Siro, the worst condition had happened. After what had happened, two stadiums of Inter Milan was closed subsequently. It will take a long time to smooth those disappointing memories.

In that day, some cast doubts on integrity of game and justness of football match results. In addition, deplorable racial discrimination, violence and death in league games were combined in the worst day. Forgetting could only worse the situation while engraving such a condition on one’s mind would be much better. The scoring of the 35-year-old Fabio Quagliarella should have been a focus of the midweek, because of an impressive volley kicked by his back heel. Besides, some also noticed the young footballer Nicolo Zaniolo who chipped in the first one Serie A goal and left a defender and goalkeeper aside.

But the wonderful football match was stolen by simmering tension. It screwed everything. Not only in Milan, but also at Atlanta on Boxing Day, football games got worse. After the football match, Juventus concealed his regret involving some own and threw suspicion on football matches.

Nonetheless,┬áDe Laurentiis was not the only person remining Calciopoli, which is about the infamous scandal in 2006. Some top Italian football clubs were involved in using a phone network to reach a certain purpose. When every people was facing the finer points of Allegri’s lament, the injured midfielder Alfred Duncan of Sassuolo showed his dissatisfaction about a glitch.

Duncan tweeted that let’s relax and guess who has to win the match in advance. Before he could delete it, the post caught attentions from most people. And many posts and screen shots were reposted. Although outside is cold, the remarks of that tweet triggered heated discussion.

On the way to San Siro, several football fans sufferred stabs in an alleged ambush. It’s said that the person aged 35 is an ultra of Varese, who was run over and died from the car crash. Three extremists of Inter Milan were arrested. On Thursday morning, a news conference was held and police commissioner of Milan announced that the place called Curva Nord will be shut down. In addition, a ban will be issued on Inter extremists to avoid them travelling to away games.

Some relatives of victims said that only a few people made efforts for the issue. Except for those related persons, no one interests on the problem. Even if any interests about the issue, some will interest in how to tide over such conditions, in which some fans went to game while failed to return. The devastating result leaves frustrated and lost all my strengths. Conditions went worse during the holding of the match.

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