Controversial News on Football Fans in Juventus Football Shirt

On Boxing Day, football matches was played in an atmosphere of goodwill and harmony rather than fierce competition. Many footballers run in pitches in Juventus football shirt. Serie A and their reputation witnessed serious bruise and embarrassing inspection. Thus, ripple effects have been triggered after one incident factor.

The forthcoming winter break will begin after fixtures on Saturday when rough condition of football field shall be cooled down. When Inter Milan clashed with Napoli at the San Siro, the worst condition had happened. After what had happened, two stadiums of Inter Milan was closed subsequently. It will take a long time to smooth those disappointing memories.

In that day, some cast doubts on integrity of game and justness of football match results. In addition, deplorable racial discrimination, violence and death in league games were combined in the worst day. Forgetting could only worse the situation while engraving such a condition on one’s mind would be much better. The scoring of the 35-year-old Fabio Quagliarella should have been a focus of the midweek, because of an impressive volley kicked by his back heel. Besides, some also noticed the young footballer Nicolo Zaniolo who chipped in the first one Serie A goal and left a defender and goalkeeper aside.

But the wonderful football match was stolen by simmering tension. It screwed everything. Not only in Milan, but also at Atlanta on Boxing Day, football games got worse. After the football match, Juventus concealed his regret involving some own and threw suspicion on football matches.

Nonetheless, De Laurentiis was not the only person remining Calciopoli, which is about the infamous scandal in 2006. Some top Italian football clubs were involved in using a phone network to reach a certain purpose. When every people was facing the finer points of Allegri’s lament, the injured midfielder Alfred Duncan of Sassuolo showed his dissatisfaction about a glitch.

Duncan tweeted that let’s relax and guess who has to win the match in advance. Before he could delete it, the post caught attentions from most people. And many posts and screen shots were reposted. Although outside is cold, the remarks of that tweet triggered heated discussion.

On the way to San Siro, several football fans sufferred stabs in an alleged ambush. It’s said that the person aged 35 is an ultra of Varese, who was run over and died from the car crash. Three extremists of Inter Milan were arrested. On Thursday morning, a news conference was held and police commissioner of Milan announced that the place called Curva Nord will be shut down. In addition, a ban will be issued on Inter extremists to avoid them travelling to away games.

Some relatives of victims said that only a few people made efforts for the issue. Except for those related persons, no one interests on the problem. Even if any interests about the issue, some will interest in how to tide over such conditions, in which some fans went to game while failed to return. The devastating result leaves frustrated and lost all my strengths. Conditions went worse during the holding of the match.

Performances of Juventus in the latest season

With the coming of Easter, the city Turin was immersed in the joy of the festival. However, for Juventus, a football club located in Turin, Italy, it is not the time to celebrate the festival because they will compete in important international matches. Therefore, there is a tense atmosphere in the home stadium.

Fans of Juventus waiting outside the stadium take the phone and watch the games Napoli is playing while lining up. If Juventus wins Napoli, the it will get four points, taking a leading position.

“Since Lorenzo Insigne can not help Napoli win games and the club doesn’t own some excellent players like Gonzalo Higuaín and Paulo Dybala who have a decisive influence on games. Juventus is still candidate of major international sporting events this year.” a comment from a journalist.

Juventus’ fans are also optimistic about games in the new season. “Our goal is only to win,” said a fan. “It is no exaggeration to say that Milan is weaker than Juventus. We are going to play games in the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League while they are not, which is the differences between the two clubs.”

Playing the game against Milan is easy for Juventus. Dybala scored a goal in the eight minute of the game and their fans shouted the slogan to cheer for.

The excellent performances of Juventus own to these powerful and skillful players, such as Gonzalo Higuaín and Paulo Dybala.

Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala, who was born on 15 November 1993, is an Argentine professional footballer and plays as a forward for Juventus and the Argentina national team. Although born in Argentina, Dybala’s grandmother is Italian and his grandfather is Polish. Thus, he can also choose to play for Poland or Italy national teams. His amazing performances in Serie A earned him a transfer to Juventus in 2015, and Dybala has helped the club win the league title, the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italiana during his first season with the club. Because of creative playing style, technique and eye for goal, he is called “La Joya(“The Jewel” in Spanish)” by his fans.

The young player was called up to play for Argentina National Team for the first time on September 23, 2015. He made his debut in the match against Ecuador on October 14. Dybala was not able to play games for the national team in the Copa América Centenario and Rio Summer Olympics in 2016. On September 2, 2016, he played a game for Argentina national team again but two yellow cards made him get an automatic red card that resulted in his dismissal from the field of play.

In terms of individual awards, he was awarded Serie A top assist provider, Coppa Italia top goalscorer and so on.

“Dybala is a player who is clear-minded, humble and studious. He is tenacious and excellent and hungers for victory. As long as there is enough time and space, he will certainly become one of the top players in the world.” said Gianluigi Buffon, former Italian footballer and current player of Juventus.

Postponed Football Match between Juventus and Atalanta

For the sake of heavy snow on Sunday, a football game between Juventus and Atalanta has been canceled. At present, the present Italian champions are hosting football matches as schedule. But in the end, officials of declared the delay of the football match after the kick-off time. The delay causes a negative result to Juventus for the only opportunity being denied by the postponement. It is impossible for club Juventus to surpass the leader of Serie A – Napoli.

Juventus Need Better Formation

Most of persons have started to remove the shame against Tottenham Hotspur from their memory. Almost everything has been questioned, even strategies and mentality of footballers of Juventus are also questioned. However, the best way to get rid of this question and establish a brand new image for the club is to prove themselves on football pitch.

There is only one week for Juventus to prepare for the forthcoming football match against Tottenham Hotspur, Juventus have attach importance to beating Atalanta heart and soul. Before play with the Bergamo side of Serie A, two football clubs have to meet once again in midweek.

In spite of the outstanding performances on football fields, Atalanta are suffering from agony in Europe, in which they lost to Borussia Dortmund and knocked out of Europa League. It is estimated that Juventus will win at least one of two football matches against the football team of Bianconeri.

Before this time meet, two clubs Juventus and Atalanta have competed with each other to grab better places for European places. In the beginning, Juventus rush to a 2-0 lead, but they stand back as watching Atlanta side leveling scores. At that time, all footballers of Juventus already familiar with great reputation and need to win another football match.

Without the assistance of the competent football player Gonzalo Higuain, Juventus is very difficult to win better scores and places in various football matches. Gonzalo Higuain still could not return to football pitch for minor injury, causing him out of football games for a period of time. Mario Mandzukic would like to take a lead role. Coach Massimiliano Allegri would like to give more opportunities to Dybala as long as he recovered from his injury. In the event that Dybala could return to football pitch, the coach may put Alex Sandro forward, who will play the next three football matches.

In fact, the line up consists of Cost, Mandzukic and Dybala may benefit to Atalanta. Although three footballers are all talented and qualified, they have made little contributions for their team. The formation of Costa is ridiculous inconsistent. As one of most skillful football player putting on Juventus football kit, the young football players need to play football in a more decisive way.

Although he is good at controlling the football, overwhelming in football pitch and overcoming footballers who defend him closely, Costa intends to control the football tightly. I hope he can score more goals to inspire more people and create contributions to his team.

Juventus Keep up with Napoli

As a leader of Serie A, Juventus always keep its place in Serie A prior to the winder break when Federico Bernardeschi won 1-0 at Cagliari. As one of three players who hit the woodwork in the first half, changed from close range in the 74th minute. In the amusement opening in the first 45 minutes saw Paulo Dybala and Bernardeschi hit bar and post successively ahead of Wojciech Szczesny takes Diego Farias’ shot against Juventus upright.

Of course, it is not the most comfortable matches for Massimiliano Allegri’s second-placed side; two competent footballers got injured after the break. This condition means that the points differences between the team and Nappli are still in the previous status, which was formed ahead of Napoli’s 2-0 win over Hellas Verona on Saturday.

When 16th-placed player Cagliari bears pressure in early time, Dybala netted a free kick against the bar and Gonzalo Higuain scored a shit wide after Khedira’s pass. Juventus hit the goal frame short after, accompanying with Bernardeschi’s excellent strike, and visitors then hold the ball in the net in the 21st minute. Benatia’s finish ended with ruling out of matches for offside. Ahead of direction of Pavoletti in a header off target, Pavoletti took a wonderful short-distance save with another headed effort.

Having taken the position of absent Gianluigi Buffon for injuries, then he denied Cagliari in good status once more as he strike Farias’ shot to a post just before the rest. Condition was not developed smoothly for the football club giant Juventus. In the very beginning, they might have thought matches consequences will be satisfied and taken wins for granted.

Due to obvious hamstring problem, Dybala had to come off in the 49th minute; Khedira also had to come off for getting injured in an aerial collision with Szczesny. When the away side prepared to make contributions to build some momentum, the long-distance shot by Miralem Pjanic was headed over while Giorgio Chiellini sustained head injuries in the course of the match. Although the captain can continue playing matches, his head was wrapped up with bandage.

Paulo Dybala is an Argentina professional football player and a forward of Italian club Juventus. After beginning his football playing career with Instituto de Córdoba in 2011, Paulo Dybala moved to Italian club Palermo in 2012. For his talent in football, Dybala accomplished his professional appearance in Primera B Nacional with club Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba of his hometown aged 17. In 2015, Club Juventus declared they have signed a five-year agreement with Dybala for €32 million. From that time, he pulling on Juventus football shirts with the number 21, which was the symbol of Andrea Pirlo. In the club’s history, he has made great contributions for his team. During he played for Juventus, he also won numerous accolades and honors at trivial and international matches.

After the passing of Bernardeschi and others’ assistance, Juventus has made breakthrough. With the supports of teammates, Cagliari man protest to the referee after the goal shot in, but it ended in him being booked.

It is Impossible for Sami Khedira joining to MLS

Sami Khedira, the Midfielder of club Juventus, expressed he will not take transferring to Major League Soccer into consideration for more possibility to give in one of the Europe’s top leagues. In the contrast, the football player suggest that Emre Can should move to Juventus to look for more progress space for his football playing career.

Khedira, aged 30, has signed a several years contract with the Serie A, and the contract will be expired in 2019. He hopes the contract will not become the last professional contract in Europe while moving to MLS is not a big difference for himself.

At present, he is 30 and he believes that age is just a number rather than a symbol of his declining. It’s important to keep his body fit and know what he want. He keeps in a dynamic status and aspire to win any accolade and honor. He will make more contributions for Germany national football team and his club.

“Under this condition, he would like to compete in many matches in Europe, as a regular of one top European leagues. As regular of the best leagues in Italy, I enjoy the moments played with the excellent football team. I do not understand why people are always talking about moving to MLS.”

“In last year, I have participated 46 matches through the whole year, and the number of matches in last year may surpass total number of matches in my playing career. I also played many competitions this year. It will be a great risk for me to move to MLS while I would lost a great opportunity to play many years in Europe. I never declared that I will go to MLS in January and even in summer. I could tell you and promise you I will continue staying in Europe to play numerous football matches for my team.”

In the contrary to move to MLS, he would like to sign an extensive contract with the football club giant Juventus.

“I am very happy to play with Juventus”, he said, “For two-and-a-half years cooperation, it’s hard to change some strategy and ideas in short time.” There are some differences among Juventus, Madrid and Germany national football team.

So he would like to find opportunity to extend his contract for his happy football playing experience with Juventus and his great status of his body. He is very happy for the returning to top level in the football club. It’s an excellent opportunity for him. He said it’s possible for him and he believes that he can play with Juventus in the next season. He hopes he could cooperate with Germany teammate Can.

Liverpool midfielder Can resumes to contact with a free transfer to Turin in this summer, and Khedira says he is expected the arrival of Can with open arms.

“I understand him very well,” Khedira said, “Attribute to his immature skills and experience, there is a long way to go for me in football playing career.” If it was possible to sign Can for Juventus, he will agree on the proposal.

Praiseworthy Efforts of Allegri in Juventus

At the looming of winter break, the transfer market is opened for business. It’s hard for Massimiliano Allegri to select suitable players for his team to face the challenge against Cagliari. The last competition of the day will be host; Juventus is used to drop concentration if there were other things on their mind. Cagliari perhaps is not the strongest rival to face at play-off before winter break; as the case showed by Bianconeri, they played against with each other. For they organized the match quickly and aggressively, the Sardinians would form a problem or two, and Atalanta was defeated last week with two quick goals.

A team intends to commit fouls and performs good in the air; the only thing Juventus need to do is to depend on experience and maturity to guarantee all three points to avoid falling behind at the top Serie A list. It’s not too difficult for Juventus to do. Actually, Juventus is becoming stronger as some challengers played matches under pressure. For instance, Inter Milan failing behind Fiorentina two points, excluding the absences and subpar performances for certain footballers.

I agree with the idea of Gianluigi Buffon that Allegri is underestimated as a manager of a football team. In the last year, many people were concerning about what would happen to a team that lost Leonardo Bonucci, Dani Alves and the Alex Sandro last year. After the department of the first two football players, the Bianconeri are unable to perform to his par levels, believing him unnecessary to a certain extent. For short of heart, desire, energy and professionalism, Brazil international football team has distinguished his heart and mind attaching to elsewhere after summer, where he was hoped to join in Chelsea. It is a reason why Beppe Marotta restated the policy of the club to footballers who wants to leave the club and reluctant to serve for Juventus; in order to keep theses excellent football players, there was no negotiations for Sandro at that time. The three words also indicated that the special negotiations may take place in short time.

In fact, Sandro is free to depart. The reason of Juventus’s success rests on they are united as a group, which conquered many difficulties and obstacles. In general, people and bossed all hope football players could make sacrifices to improve their abilities and act as a pundit. In the event that Sandro holds that he can realize many dreams while he has not made any contributions to the football team.

When Sandro’s performances on football fields was considered carefully, the mental obstructions Paulo Dybala fighting for, the decline of Stephan Lichtsteiner, the struggle to coordinate with new players, the efforts to keep all excellent professional footballers healthy at the same time all are huge problems for Juventus. Many people always take Serie A and Coppa Italia trophies for granted, but have not considered why there trophies are very easy for the special football club. In addition to efficient training strategy, it is the brilliance of Allegri that lead to successful stride.